Monday, July 18, 2005

The Eyes Have It!

I went to the eye doctor today as another part of my annual checkup. There were a couple of things different here than in the US: the test to check for pressure in your eyes and the way the doctor examines the retina are different. I always hated that puff of air test for the pressure. This doctor didn't use that test, but a machine that sits almost right on the eyeball (hard to sit still seeing that thing coming at me!). I asked the him about it, and he said it's a newer method and more accurate than the puff of air. I'm all for that! My eyes were dilated so he could check my retina for diabetic damage (there is none!) with a microscope. The light on the microscope was incredibly bright to my dilated pupils - very uncomfortable. It took my eyes about 2 hours to recover from the blurriness and light sensitivity. I had driven myself, and I couldn't drive right away, so I went to the mall across the street and browsed as best I could, just to pass the time. By the time I got home, after running some other errands, I'd been gone for 5 hours. I'm so not used to being away from home that long! It ate up my whole day!

So now I know that my eyes are still doing great - no damage at all from diabetes. The doctor said I'm slightly nearsighted, but I don't need a new glasses prescription this year. Which brings up a question about the US medical system: why did I always need a new prescription every year there? The focus there always seemed to be on the prescription, while here it was on the health of my eyes. Just kinda makes me go hmmmmmm . . .

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