Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Busy Weekend Ahead

We have a group of college students coming this weekend from Providence Baptist College in Elgin, IL. Their home church, Northwest Bible Baptist Church, supports our ministry here, as well as several others in western Canada, and this group of young men is traveling in Alberta and BC, visiting these churches. Ours is their last stop. They'll be camping out in our pocket sized back yard (which is still skunk highway, by the way!). We'll take them to Whistler tomorrow and they will spend the day going door-to-door on Saturday, inviting people to church and witnessing as they have opportunity. On Sunday, they'll be singing and playing their trumpets for our church service. So this weekend will be busy!

In addition, our boys are going to junior camp next week with Greater Vancouver Baptist Church as junior counselors, then our entire family is going to teen camp the week after that - the kids as campers, Wes and I as workers. Even though we won't have time to turn around good, we'll be enjoying all the activity and excitement. So anyway, I need to help the boys get their things ready for junior camp over the weekend too. Being busy is a good thing!

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