Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Ministry Highlights: No Greater Joy

I posted this on the KJV Blog Directory today, and I wanted to share it here. It has a few pictures from the two weeks with our boys, and I'll have more later. This post is highlighting some of the ministry opportunities our children shared this summer.

Ever since I became a mother, this verse in III John has become more and more real to me:
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
III John 1:4
It was a joy to us recently to have our sons home from Lancaster, CA, where they are in Bible college. Our older son, Samuel, is entering his senior year, and our younger son, Andrew, will be a sophomore. Because we don't have our permanent residence in Canada, the boys can't work here, so they both stayed in Lancaster over the summer to work, Sam for T-Mobile and Andrew for Lancaster Baptist Church. Our daughter, Beth, is still home with us for one more year before joining her brothers at college.

Andrew was home for almost two weeks in late July. While he was here, he and Beth worked at Camp Yes as counselor and junior counselor. Andrew's cabin was 9-year-old boys . . .

Andrew as Super Director, a spoof of the director of the camp for 25 years, Pastor Gordon Conner . . .

Andrew and Beth sharing a rare moment of brother/sister togetherness . . .

After the first week of camp, Sam arrived. He spent a grand total of four days with us before heading to Japan on a mission! ;) He preached for us on Sunday evening . . .

And another brother/sister moment . . .

Beth got to be a junior counselor at camp for the first time, although she has worked at junior camp for the past 6 years . . .

Beth with the other teen girls who worked during junior week. These girls LOVE to work at camp, and they do a great job!

We certainly haven't arrived with our children, and I say many times that the final chapter isn't written on any of us, but we are so pleased with how the Lord has worked in our children's lives thus far, and that all of them are serving Him at this point in their lives. Only our oldest has surrendered to full-time ministry at this point, but our goal has never been to have all our children in the ministry; it's been to raise them to serve God in whatever they do. And so this summer has been one of joy in our children as they have worked in ministry as they've had opportunity. I know this wasn't really a highlight of our actual ministry here in North Vancouver, but our children are our biggest and most important ministry.


  1. I agree our children are our greatest ministry, and that I want ours to love and serve God in whatever capacity He calls them. Looks like yours are off to a great start!

  2. It looks like you have done a great job raising them. Sun we had a new family come to our church who are new to the area. They had 7 kids. Those kids were so well behaved. Wow. The whole family took up a whole pew. Kinda reminded me of the Duggars on a smaller scale...

  3. Well said! Enjoyed the update and pics.


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