Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Normal Week

I'll take just a minute to catch up on the week. I said Monday that this appeared to be a normal week. Either appearances were wrong, or we are establishing a new norm around here!

We got our car back last Wednesday, as in 9 days ago. We still haven't settled everything with the insurance company. Matter of fact, the last time we talked to our adjuster, he said that the other guy involved had a witness, whom they were trying to contact to obtain a statement. That's all well and good . . . except there were no witnesses at the scene! The only other person nearby was in the car we were passing when the man hit us from behind, and that lady just kept right on going. We were stopped for about half an hour, making sure the man and his passenger were ok and helping him to get his fender pulled back out so that it wouldn't scrape his tire as he drove home. No one stopped the entire time; even the police wouldn't come out, because there were no injuries and the cars were driveable. So where this witness came from is a mystery to us. But we're praying that the Lord will allow the truth to stand, and that He will go before and fight our battle for us.

Now, back to the car. We noticed that something mechanical was still wrong with the car between Wednesday and Sunday. The heater wouldn't work for the first 2o-30 minutes, then suddenly it would come on. The temperature gauge was also acting weird: it would go really high, then fall back down, then go to the middle - all indications to my husband that something was probably wrong with the thermostat. But it wasn't running hot. On Monday, Wes drove down to WA to pick up the bed Sam had used. He sat in a 45-minute lineup at the border, and the car never overheated, but when he started back home, it began overheating while he was driving. So he pulled over to check things out. From what he saw, he felt that the head gaskets were going. So he called our mechanic (we have our own personal mechanic, we've had so much trouble with this car!) and they had the car towed into the garage. A two-hour trip to pick up the bed turned into a seven-hour trip as Wes tried to hobble the car along, then waited for a tow truck!

Turns out the water pump had gone out. Simple, relatively inexpensive repair, and we actually have the money for it! A supporting church sent us a large offering earlier this month, for no reason other than the pastor is a former missionary and he knows how the dollar fluctuations can impact the spending power a missionary has. And that money is more than enough to pay for these repairs. Praise the Lord! He always knows what we need before we do!

A family in our church so generously loaned us their car to use this week. I can't tell you what a blessing it is not to have to rent a car again!

The mechanic promised our car would be ready for the weekend. Sort of. He didn't say, "I promise" but he said it would be ready. We do need it for church, to haul our equipment for the services. So hopefully we'll have the car today sometime. It does need to go back one more time for a repair from the accident that was mechanical, as opposed to body work. Then maybe we'll have it back for good. It's had so many repairs in the past year that we should be able to drive it for another ten years - major stuff, like engines and transmissions. Actually, we'll have to drive it another ten years to get our money's worth out of it! LOL

Well, that turned out longer than expected. Each time one more thing comes up, it's just another step of faith for me. Learning to trust God in all my ways, learning to turn to Him immediately instead of worrying. The worry still peeks around the corner at me, but I'm learning to turn to the Lord more quickly . . . and worry will run the other way when the Lord shows up!

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  1. Prayers just said for you & your family. Hope things go well with your car. God Bless...


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